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Art Deco Oval Aperture Card - Jean Hall.

Shaped Gatefold Card - Jean Hall

 Shaped Gatefold Card - Elizabeth Wood

Split Card freebie - Grace Chura

 Snowflake Circle Card freebie - Annie Sharland 

Shaped Gatefold Card - Donna Bauer

This is where you can share  cards that you have made using  my templates  - just email a photo along with the name of the template  to :-

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Hibiscus Card - Nancy Welch

Lattice Popup Box Card - Jean Hall

Stencil Card - Annie Sharland

Zig Zag Sailboat - Nancy Welch

Lattice Window Card  - Lenoria Kelly.

Shaped Lattice Card - Faith Anderson.

3D Diagonal Box Card - Annie Sharland.

Filigree Border Edge Card - Sue Smith.

Scroll Edge FoldBack card - Faith Anderson.

Art Deco Rose Card - Faith Anderson.

Daisy Border Card - Faith Anderson.

Peace & Joy Overlay - Faith Anderson.

Floral Overlay - Faith Anderson.

Octagonal Flower Border Card- Faith Anderson.

Robin on a Branch Topper - Faith Anderson.

3D Fame  card - Faith Anderson.

Stars Birthday Card - Faith Anderson.

Bird and Flowers Card - Debbie Nicholson.